Tips for Selling Your Shoes

I'm selling my Carmina derbies and decided to put together a guide for those planning to sell their shoes online. 1. Clean/ polish your shoes before photographing. Your shoes will look so much nicer on camera. 2. Take excellent 5-6 photos with a quality camera. Profile viewBottom view People are visual. Appealing photographs will draw … Continue reading Tips for Selling Your Shoes

Lavabre Cadet Gloves

Impeccable craftsmanship can be seen in Lavabre Cadet’s Paris showroom. The Lavabre Cadet glove company has existed since 1946, purchased by Camille Fournet twelve years ago.  Millau, a small commune south of France, is the heart of Lavabre Cadet’s glove operation. The area holds a long tradition of glove-making.  Who are the behind-the-scenes craftsmen? The … Continue reading Lavabre Cadet Gloves