Socks…What Colors?

Socks aren't very exciting compared to shoes or jackets. But I do like wearing knee-high socks and seeing the colors harmonizing with my trousers. The first question perhaps is how many socks to own. In this exceptional case, more is better -- as long as you don't wear out your socks with constant use. At … Continue reading Socks…What Colors?

Han. Shoemaker – Beautiful Almond-toe Shoes

My obsession for the last two years has been searching for the perfect almond-toe Japanese shoe. A lot of shoemakers use sharp angles or too-round proportions. That's just their style. Han. Shoemaker at Atelier Rikka doesn't make shoes in crazy styles or colors, at least on his Instagram. The designs are simple. I wanted something … Continue reading Han. Shoemaker – Beautiful Almond-toe Shoes

The Five Trousers I Have (or will have)

These five trousers make for a versatile casual wardrobe: Cream cotton trousers (like chinos, but smarter)Dark brown corduroy trousers (with a high wale count)Levi's jeansDark green cotton moleskins*Grey flannel trousers* I own the first three and am working on commissioning the last two. I'm slowly switching from MTM trousers (MyTailor) to bespoke from Whitcomb & … Continue reading The Five Trousers I Have (or will have)