Machines in Shoemaking

Shoemakers and cobblers use machines if they choose to. Most factory-made shoe companies use machines because it's efficient and less time consuming. I wouldn't necessarily say machines compromise quality unless they malfunction or feed incorrectly. Personally, i'm fine with machines as long as the shoemaker hand-sews the welt. Some shoe purists prefer "hand-made shoes". While … Continue reading Machines in Shoemaking

How Many Eyelets?

Eyelets are pretty straightforward and uncomplicated, but they do impact the look of your shoe. The number of eyelets you choose should depend on the aesthetic you're aiming for. A Frenchy-type shoe may experiment with one eyelet, maybe two for example. I like to have at least two to three eyelets because one can look … Continue reading How Many Eyelets?