A Female’s Take On Men’s Shoes

Nice men’s shoes are immediately noticeable. They have real leather uppers. Little details like waxed laces and stacked soles also make a big difference.  Nice shoes invite compliments, I think, because we rarely see men wearing them. People who notice quality shoes glance down. I find that women especially give compliments and ask questions, occasionally … Continue reading A Female’s Take On Men’s Shoes

Why I Don’t Wear Jewelry

“Nothing’s more interesting than that person, unadorned.” I once heard this in a lecture about writing. It is strongly applicable to fashion. No jewelry, watches, tattoos, or accessories is its own aesthetic. A refreshing one, I think, where you’re not burdened by anything. It’s disciplined styling. There are innumerable ways to wear jewelry badly. Too … Continue reading Why I Don’t Wear Jewelry


Another Parisian gem is Aubercy, founded by AndrĂ© and RenĂ©e Aubercy in 1935, focusing on high-quality shoes. I'll leave the company's history to their website. Aubercy is one of my favorite shoe brands. Aubercy's house style is distinctly French, as their shoes have an elongated vamp and tapered toe-box, but they are more classic and … Continue reading Aubercy