I Like Loafers, but…

Loafers, boat shoes, slip-ons, driving shoes, and moccasins, etc. are pleasurable to wear. They're like Chelsea boots – easy and low maintenance. However, they are structurally less sound and this post explains why. For convenience I am lumping all of these shoes as “loafers.” 1. They don’t have a lacing system This is a source … Continue reading I Like Loafers, but…


Another Parisian gem is Aubercy, founded by André and Renée Aubercy in 1935, focusing on high-quality shoes. I'll leave the company's history to their website. Aubercy is one of my favorite shoe brands. Aubercy's house style is distinctly French, as their shoes have an elongated vamp and tapered toe-box, but they are more classic and … Continue reading Aubercy

Machines in Shoemaking

Shoemakers and cobblers use machines if they choose to. Most factory-made shoe companies use machines because it's efficient and less time consuming. I wouldn't necessarily say machines compromise quality unless they malfunction or feed incorrectly. Personally, i'm fine with machines as long as the shoemaker hand-sews the welt. Some shoe purists prefer "hand-made shoes". While … Continue reading Machines in Shoemaking

Han. Shoemaker – Beautiful Almond-toe Shoes

My obsession for the last two years has been searching for the perfect almond-toe Japanese shoe. A lot of shoemakers use sharp angles or too-round proportions. That's just their style. Han. Shoemaker at Atelier Rikka doesn't make shoes in crazy styles or colors, at least on his Instagram. The designs are simple. I wanted something … Continue reading Han. Shoemaker – Beautiful Almond-toe Shoes