Japanese Bespoke Shoemakers

They take the cake when it comes to shoemaking. Compared to their European counterparts, Japanese shoemakers are galaxies above when it comes to finishing, detail, and aesthetics. Among my favorites are Yasuhiro Shiota, Hiro Yanagimachi, TYE shoemaker, Yuigo Hayano (Bespoke Shoe Works), and Eiji Murata (Main d'Or). Many other makers with attention to detail exist … Continue reading Japanese Bespoke Shoemakers

Can Women Be Shoemakers?

100% yes. I pose this question because this was something I foolishly asked myself before I even learned custom shoemaking. Generally speaking, the majority of shoemakers are overwhelmingly male. There may be a few female upper-makers here and there, but the numbers leave much to be desired. That being said there are, I'm sure many … Continue reading Can Women Be Shoemakers?