Maglia Navy Umbrella: The Stick

I'm excited about my navy umbrella stick with Francesco Maglia. See post. The company reopened on May 4 and the wood supplier delivered my 32" varnished dark maple stick to Maglia's workshop. Here it is: Length: 32" Handle diameter: 20 mm Shaft diameter: 14 mm I have small hands (6 1/2" inches), and 20 mm … Continue reading Maglia Navy Umbrella: The Stick

Review: Zero Halliburton 3.0 International Carry-On

I bought a Zero Halliburton Geo Aluminum 3.0 International Carry-On a few months back for a trip. Sadly, Zero Halliburton recently stopped selling this model on their website; but readers considering similar luggage may still find this write-up helpful. I initially debated between purchasing the Zero Halliburton and a Rimowa Original Cabin. You'll often see … Continue reading Review: Zero Halliburton 3.0 International Carry-On