How to Command Presence (Even if You’re Short/Young)

I'm around 5'3, slim, and have a rather youthful face. I've embraced my attributes, but they've occasionally presented professional and social challenges. People can dismiss your feedback, nit-pick your performance, or even plainly jeer. I've experienced all three. Dressing won't absolutely fix this, but I think it will benefit the way you're treated and respected. … Continue reading How to Command Presence (Even if You’re Short/Young)

A Female’s Take On Men’s Shoes

Nice men’s shoes are immediately noticeable. They have real leather uppers. Little details like waxed laces and stacked soles also make a big difference.  Nice shoes invite compliments, I think, because we rarely see men wearing them. People who notice quality shoes glance down. I find that women especially give compliments and ask questions, occasionally … Continue reading A Female’s Take On Men’s Shoes

Fashion’s Planned Obsolescence

Style, especially fast-fashion is designed to become obsolete. Looks change every season. What's "in' is completely different from seasons prior. Companies increase consumer spending through planned obsolescence. Marketed goods become purposely broken or outdated in buyers' minds. Imagine many shades of blue. Why sell a classic navy shirt when dissatisfied customers can buy 2, 3, … Continue reading Fashion’s Planned Obsolescence

My Take on Building a Wardrobe

With spring cleaning, people are realizing they have inordinate amounts of clothes. Most people (men and women) build too large and inferior wardrobes. We quickly lose interest in expendable clothes. A $6.99 beanie (or even a $70 quality one you don't wear) holds no meaningful ethics. Menswear enthusiasts are especially prone to excessive spending. Imagine … Continue reading My Take on Building a Wardrobe