Shipping During Covid-19

Brands, mills, artisans, and customers amidst Covid-19 have additional hurdles to cross. Trunk shows have been cancelled and stores/mills closed. Some ateliers have ceased production altogether. Luckily, some artisans can work from home, with plenty of orders to tackle. Some countries are on partial or full lockdown. For sartorialists, this temporarily includes China, the UK, … Continue reading Shipping During Covid-19

Shoes Don’t Need “Breaking-In”

"Breaking-in" a pair of shoes is completely unnecessary if your shoes fit well. Consumers often use this phrase to describe the initial discomfort of wearing a new pair of shoes. But is it true? Do shoes really "break-in"? When you wear shoes for the first time,  you may experience pinching, abrasions, or other pain. You … Continue reading Shoes Don’t Need “Breaking-In”

What Is “Bespoke”?

Photo: Last-makers use guillotines to carve wooden bespoke lasts; photo credit: V&A Museum ____________________________________________________________________________________________ This is a difficult question to answer, since there are so many levels and variations. Bespoke shoemaking is a lengthy process that entails 60-80+ hours of work. First, a shoemaker takes your measurements; then a wooden last is made, either by … Continue reading What Is “Bespoke”?