Shipping During Covid-19

Brands, mills, artisans, and customers amidst Covid-19 have additional hurdles to cross. Trunk shows have been cancelled and stores/mills closed. Some ateliers have ceased production altogether. Luckily, some artisans can work from home, with plenty of orders to tackle. Some countries are on partial or full lockdown. For sartorialists, this temporarily includes China, the UK, … Continue reading Shipping During Covid-19

Opinion: How Transparency Behooves the Crafts

Or at least, supports it and makes it a more welcome friend to the public. I sometimes come across craftsmen reluctant to share techniques or accept students. Or salespeople wary of answering sartorial inquiries. Conversely, this can hurt businesses and their craft. Crafts survive on patronage. Without public appreciation and commissions, artisans cease to be. … Continue reading Opinion: How Transparency Behooves the Crafts

Francesco Maglia Umbrellas

From a glance, Francesco Maglia displays impressive quality and values as a family-run umbrella business. Francesco Maglia is the sixth generation owner and artisan. Preceding him was his father Giorgio, who taught Francesco everything about umbrellas and passed down the company. I never visited their workshop in Milan. Unfortunately I won’t any time soon, with … Continue reading Francesco Maglia Umbrellas

Meeting the Cutter: Sian from Whitcomb & Shaftesbury

If you can, meet your bespoke cutter. You’d really relish the connection bespoke offers. Plus, the cutter can really assess your body, instead of picturing you through photos or descriptions. In my last Whitcomb & Shaftesbury post, I discussed meeting Mahesh and Bob. Mahesh measured me, while Bob (the coat maker) gave his professional input … Continue reading Meeting the Cutter: Sian from Whitcomb & Shaftesbury


Another Parisian gem is Aubercy, founded by André and Renée Aubercy in 1935, focusing on high-quality shoes. I'll leave the company's history to their website. Aubercy is one of my favorite shoe brands. Aubercy's house style is distinctly French, as their shoes have an elongated vamp and tapered toe-box, but they are more classic and … Continue reading Aubercy

The Pros and Cons of Trunk Shows

Trunk shows are fantastic. They allow customers access to brands without having to fly all the way to London, Italy, or Tokyo (although the Japanese rarely travel). The United States is a little inconvenient for most craftsman, especially since large cities are located across the country. I do appreciate those who visit (e.g. Edward Sexton, … Continue reading The Pros and Cons of Trunk Shows