Why I Don’t Wear Jewelry

“Nothing’s more interesting than that person, unadorned.” I once heard this in a lecture about writing. It is strongly applicable to fashion. No jewelry, watches, tattoos, or accessories is its own aesthetic. A refreshing one, I think, where you’re not burdened by anything. It’s disciplined styling. There are innumerable ways to wear jewelry badly. Too … Continue reading Why I Don’t Wear Jewelry

Fashion’s Planned Obsolescence

Style, especially fast-fashion is designed to become obsolete. Looks change every season. What's "in' is completely different from seasons prior. Companies increase consumer spending through planned obsolescence. Marketed goods become purposely broken or outdated in buyers' minds. Imagine many shades of blue. Why sell a classic navy shirt when dissatisfied customers can buy 2, 3, … Continue reading Fashion’s Planned Obsolescence