On Subtlety

Being well-dressed extends beyond fit and quality. It includes appropriateness and subtlety. It means your outfit isn't showy. It doesn't shout for attention. You may have tiny dashes of color, but nothing very bright across large areas of your outfit. This principle applies to men and women alike. Simplicity is key -- that draws attention, … Continue reading On Subtlety

Starting Your Fall Sweater Collection

I really cherish my sweaters. I look forward to wearing them in the fall/ winter and they complement my odd trousers. Sweaters (or jumpers) come in a variety of styles: crew, v-neck, cowl, mock-turtle, turtle, roll-neck, shawl-collar, etc. For your first two sweaters, I'd recommend a crew neck or v-neck in basic colors like navy, … Continue reading Starting Your Fall Sweater Collection

Whitcomb and Shaftesbury: Foreign-Bespoke Trouser Consultation

Some of you might be wondering why I've moved on from MTM trousers to foreign bespoke. I mainly wanted the expertise and guidance of a tailor who would cut my trousers in-house. I also appreciate hand finishing on trousers. The trousers are £465, excluding 15% import duties. It's cheaper than bespoke entirely made in London. … Continue reading Whitcomb and Shaftesbury: Foreign-Bespoke Trouser Consultation