What to Wear (Working From Home)

Given the extent of Covid-19 in the US, many people are now working from home.

Some people are holding meetings over video, venturing into online interviews, etc.

It’s been a bit of a learning curve for me in terms of clothes.

Dressing up at home is a strange concept to me, since prior to covid-19, I only wore “indoor” pyjamas at home. Shoes aren’t worn inside — that type of scenario.

If people choose to dress more casually at home and don’t have wardrobe obligations, I support that.

A break can be positive. Without feeling pressure to purchase items for work, you can save up long term for quality clothes.

But if you still have remote meetings and have to face people, I have a few tips.

  • Wear the same smart, professional attire that you wore before to work. Video tends to downgrade images. If you dressed slovenly before, your clothes will probably appear even more inappropriate over camera.
  • Try to vary your outfits — sometimes (especially at home) we tend to repeat the same combinations.
  • Consider who will be at the meeting and dress appropriately. Your video respondents may very well change every day. In a way you have more flexibility with access to your closet.
  • If you’re unsure whether you have to appear on camera, dress up anyway. Just in case you have last-minute breakout sessions.
  • It really depends on your work environment, but a smart navy cardigan would be a good go-to for me.
  • Wear proper pants. Just do.

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