Chest Body Tape

I generally dislike wearing undershirts, but have had the issue of my chest poking out if I don’t wear one.

A friend casually mentioned pasties one day.

A few years ago I had wished this concept/product existed; so now I jumped online to see what’s being sold.

I bought Kim Kardashian’s Body Tape which comes as a long roll. You cut out the amount you need and stick it to your chest as a one-time “skin-safe” use.

The tape is $36 excluding shipping which is a little costly.

My chest is quite flat so I cut out smaller strips with curved corners.


The tape feels much less obtrusive than a chest binder or undershirt.

I like that the exterior is made of 100% cotton.

I’ve worn them several times now. I can see them being useful for both men and women. The tape feels comfortable and is not difficult to remove, though some reviews state otherwise.

I do find that sometimes I have to use two layers to conceal my chest. And the overlapping tape sometimes forms a noticeable line under your shirt, which doesn’t look too good.

Size comparison

The tape is more or less trial and error and may or may not work for your chest.

Given that men’s chests are more manageable, i’d say it’s worth experimenting with if undershirts bother you.

Do look at the online reviews since there are many.


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