Bespoke Dress Shirts Are Underrated

Like bespoke shoes, I can see how people can overlook bespoke dress shirts.

Jackets often take center-stage in an outfit. Underneath the jacket, dress shirts are doubly concealed by ties and other accessories.

Dress shirts can fall lowest in the totem pole.

If we barely see them, why should we care about fit and buying top-notch shirts?

These assumptions fail when we choose to keep our jackets on, afraid of exposing our less-flattering dress shirts. It’s a difficult cycle.

Dress shirts, I think, can have as much style as the jacket.

Look at Wil Whiting‘s highly detailed shirts.

I don’t have anything made by him. But if you look at any of his posts, Wil’s shirts look fantastic on him (and his clients).

The collar is in correct proportion and the fabric falls in a clean silhouette.

Wil doesn’t need a jacket because his shirt takes its place.

In addition to taking over 30 measurements, Wil crafts a bespoke collar pattern for each client’s proportions. His shirts aren’t cheap.

On the other hand, perfecting a shirt will aid future jacket fittings. This especially pertains to your collar and arm length.

So for me, commissioning a perfect shirt should come before a tailored jacket. You can work with a tailor to get this down.

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