How to Care for Your Glasses

I know I could definitely follow these tips more often! Thanks Khoa, for the advice.

Do: Store your glasses in their case
When they’re not on your face, they’re in the case. That will protect your eyewear against dust, scratching, and further damage.

Do: Spray with generic lens cleanser and wipe your glasses with a microfibre cloth
Wiping dry dust on glasses can scratch your lenses, so misting prior is important. If you don’t have solution, use your breath to fog your lenses.

Do: Clean your frame (around every 2 weeks)
Oxidation (like photo below) can happen when frames aren’t regularly cleaned. Generic lens cleaning solution followed by wiping works well.

Glasses that have oxidized from moisture

For those wanting to clean wire frames, using a 70% alcohol/ 30% water solution to wipe down every two weeks should be good.

Do: Adjust or tighten your hinges every so often
Screws become loose over time, so you can buy a little eyeglass screw-driver, or take them to an optician.


Avoid: Storing your glasses in the car
Heat can warp acetate, and the damage can be irreparable.

Avoid: Showering with your glasses on
I’m always guilty of this. Not only can hot showers warp acetate glasses, but soap can also damage anti-glare coating on prescription lenses.

Hope this helps!


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