Store: Garrett Leight California Optical

Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO) is a ready-to-wear eyewear company with its first Los Angeles flagship store launched in 2012. They have stores in other cities too.

The owner Garrett has an optical background, having worked for his father (who founded Oliver Peoples).


Looking into the store, you’ll see dozens of models neatly organized.

Garrett Leight frames nod at classic designs, with their sunglasses looking more contemporary.

For me, many options are a good sign. It can also be intimidating for new customers, but I still felt at ease. I’d recommend browsing online first.

GLCO frames range from $310 – $750. Lenses are extra, the cost depending on your index, but you can visit a dealer that accepts eye insurance.

I appreciate their sun clips, which can be customized for your model.

Every Garrett Leight model is designed in downtown Los Angeles.

Garrett Leight frames are sourced and produced from all over the world.

Their acetate comes from Japan. And the metal hinges are made in Germany.

Afterwards, the glasses are assembled in China – which is why you will see “Made in China” engraved – and finished in the United States.

The two pins on each side secure the parts together.

Garrett Leight temples are pinned to the frames (see photo above).

This is unlike many mass-produced eyewear where the temples just snap off, because the manufacturer used glue.

The Garrett Leight line is distinct from the Mr. Leight line, which is a luxury level above.

Overall, I can’t comment about their eyewear quality since I don’t own their glasses, but I’d recommend visiting if you’re curious.

Khoa at the store assisted with frame fitting

Since they offer medical lens services, Garrett Leight California Optical remains open for appointments (preferably) during covid-19.

They have a table set up outside for consultations.


Every worn pair of glasses goes through an ultrasonic cleaner, are dried, and sprayed with a solution of 70% alcohol and water.

GLCO’s most popular models are the Hampton, Wilson, Kinney, and Brooks.

These models are offered in new colors every season while keeping the classic colors.

GLCO don’t accept traditional medical insurance, but it’s possible to visit optometric sites carrying Garret Leight/Mr. Leight eyewear that do.

At their Los Angeles store, Garrett Leight has lens crafters that can set customers up with glasses within 3-5 business days.

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