Glasses or Contacts?

Being visually challenged, I have worn contacts for 13 years and glasses for the last 17.

I wore night contacts for many years which were costly and inconvenient.

Now I primarily wear daily disposable contacts and glasses at night.

Since i’m increasingly wearing day-time glasses during Covid-19, I made a pros/cons list of glasses and contacts.




Can look good/smarter

Requires yearly adjustments
Reliable (i.e. you don’t “run out” like contacts) Needs to be cleaned + supplies

Creates interest, like any other accessory

Inconvenient for sunglasses
Can become a defining feature
Can look too busy with outfits
Discomfort wearing something on your head




Looks better than glasses (on me)

Needs to be replenished every year (with a year’s supply)
You can wear sunglasses with ease You can lose or drop them
No maintenance Needs to be paired with glasses at night
Looks clean/simple
Outfit planning may be easier
Rarely irritating, unlike glasses which shift around

Reviewing this list confirms my view that contacts are more convenient and require less maintenance than day-time glasses.

If I buy generic glasses, both options are approximately the same price a year (~$300).

So I usually opt for contacts.


Before, bespoke glasses didn’t seem worth the expense.

My lens prescription changes every year. Plus, wearing glasses often prevented me from wearing sunglasses.

However as I mentioned above: during Covid-19 I’ve preferred glasses, especially at home. They add outside protection too.

So I can see myself warming up to glasses more.

It might be a good idea later to invest in a pair of metal-rim glasses with an attachable sunglass lens. But still mostly rely on contacts.

It’s a subjective matter and what you choose depends on your preference.

I’d be interested to hear more thoughts about glasses vs. contacts.

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