Planning My Capsule Wardrobe

I developed a capsule wardrobe list to organize my clothes. Readers can make one too and find this helpful.

I’ve created wish lists before, but they always included novelty items that distracted me from buying classic clothing.

This list is manageable and disciplined.

I can intentionally schedule purchases without being tempted by other things.

It’s satisfying to highlight accomplished items or garments you own already.

Here is my casual-based capsule wardrobe.

capsule wardrobe

It works like a four-year plan.

Sometimes I note important things, like style details on my overcoat, for example. You can also list fabrics and brands/makers.

This list keeps me organized, motived, and helps guide tailoring sessions.

Any person aspiring for a capsule wardrobe may find the grid format particularly useful. Here’s what I did:

  1. Begin with a clean slate, guided by categories (e.g. shirts, casual jackets, etc…).
  2. List core items that suit your lifestyle. Set parameters (e.g. 1 page max)
  3. After planning your wardrobe,  reasonably save $ until you can afford that exact thing on your list. Don’t compromise.
  4. Be patient

You may initially feel overwhelmed by your list — don’t worry, you will eventually downsize it.

You’ll slowly add or remove items, or opt for a subtler color or style.

Remember that your list will always change. But the basics will always be there.

The process is slow but rewarding once you execute your plans.

Let me know what you think. Good luck!


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