A Female’s Take On Men’s Shoes

Nice men’s shoes are immediately noticeable. They have real leather uppers. Little details like waxed laces and stacked soles also make a big difference. 

Nice shoes invite compliments, I think, because we rarely see men wearing them.

People who notice quality shoes glance down. I find that women especially give compliments and ask questions, occasionally joined by men.

Strangers or people I’ve known for a long time are usually the ones who approach me. 

In the middle of conversation, female acquaintances will sometimes say they’ve always liked my shoes, especially if I polished my shoes the day before.

Wax and cream are all you need

Compliments are nice, but they also invite social exchange. 

You can share how you acquired your shoes and how you’ll continue to care for them. 

Your conversation may be new and quirky to most people.

But your conversations can encourage new viewpoints without being didactic.

For me, I always pay attention to people’s shoes. It doesn’t matter if they are women or men’s shoes, if they’re crappy or elegant.

Periodically, I notice men wearing shoes that pose as “nice shoes.” It happens a lot with suede chukkas.

The upper may be real suede. But when you look closer, the bottoms are cheap rubber. Even worse is when the shoes have fake welts.

It’s a bit misleading, and creates a negative impression, like a counterfeit logo.

Quality chukka boot sold by Purdey
A quality pair of chukkas

My interest piques when I see men wear quality, subtle shoes. 

It’s refreshing and uplifting — because it looks like the person knows what he is doing. They are responsible for their wardrobe. It instantly changes my impression, and I think everyone else’s.

The key is to feel proud of your shoes – not because they’re expensive or trendy – but because they possess quality.

Quality, whatever the item, always shines.

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