Review: Love Cashmere

I wear sweaters very frequently. But I am not a decent garment caretaker, especially for garments that require hand-washing.

I don’t trust any local stores either.

So I wanted to try Love Cashmere’s Knitwear Re-Dress & Repair Service.

The repair was good value at £65.00 for both sweaters (£32.50 each). Prices may have changed.

Including return shipping (£18.95), the order total cost £83.95.

Their service offers minor knitwear repair, washing, de-pilling, de-fuzzing, and pressing. I’m told they have an extensive stock of yarn, which is helpful to know if your knitwear has holes.

I sent two sweaters for repair:

  1. Camel Merino Wool Mock Turtle Neck by O’Connell’s
  2. Oyster Cashmere/Silk sweater by Purdey

Both desperately needed washing and de-fuzzing.

My sweater fronts suffered the most fuzz, followed by the arms and back.

Wearing jackets and crossing my arms frequently might have caused this.

The existing fuzz didn’t look too terrible, but there was still a lot. The oyster cashmere/silk sweater had more fuzz due to the delicate fibre. None of the sweaters had holes, as far as I knew.

Here are sweaters returned:

Camel Merino Wool Mock Turtle Neck by O’Connell’s
Oyster Cashmere/Silk sweater by Purdey

The sweaters arrived in sharp packaging with little cedar woods to keep moths away.

Most of the fuzz was reduced. The sweaters looked cleaned and pressed.

Love Cashmere allocates a certain amount of time for de-pilling and de-fuzzing. So some garments that come in with lots of pills/fuzz can’t be cleared completely.

In the end, Love Cashmere de-fuzzed about 80% of both sweaters, with a little more fuzz remaining on my oyster cashmere sweater.

Most pilling/fuzz is hand removed, but Love Cashmere sometimes uses a brush-like tool.

Merino mock turtle neck. Fuzz mostly reduced, but you can still see a bit on the shoulder.


I shipped only two sweaters because I feared losing all my sweaters in postage. That nearly happened with these two.

Successfully shipping to Love Cashmere was difficult; I shipped before they closed due to lockdown. Later, the packages couldn’t deliver when the business did close. We attempted to revise the delivery to an alternate address, but that wasn’t successful.

So the package bounced back to UPS three times and was nearly returned to the United States due to Covid-19 — after I already paid an additional~$180 in incoming taxes and duties.

Love Cashmere was very prompt with emails before the covid-19 crisis; unfortunately their communications became infrequent during lockdown.

To be clear, the UK was in lockdown and Love Cashmere’s staff was not working, which impacted email communication.

Even when my package finally arrived at a nearby location, someone finally retrieved the package after much urging on my end.

Personally, I felt quite stressed by UPS’ difficult shipping and Love Cashmere’s intermittent communication.

At some point I felt I had to relinquish the sweaters and cut my losses.


But Love Cashmere’s communication slowly improved, albeit with limited staff.

And seeing the knitwear cleanly and neatly returned, I felt better.

There are no strong odors on the garments like those dry cleaned.

Love Cashmere customers’ knitwear is washed in a way that prevents “overmilling.”

Overmilling can happen when a garment is aggressively washed or dried (usually by a machine).

The consequences? The fibers burst and the garment becomes irreversibly matted, mostly ruined.

Love Cashmere’s mill man hand washes garments by hand in a buffered pure soap detergent.

Apparently Scottish water, with its pure and soft properties, enhances cashmere’s softness.

My sweaters were revived. My best suggestion for Love Cashmere is improving email communication during hiatus which is so integral to customer experience.

With that (and myself choosing a better mail service), I’d consider sending another sweater or two.


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