(Finished) Lavabre Cadet Gloves

Lavabre Cadet gloves were on my capsule wardrobe list. See my former post on the French company.

I wanted a lasting pair of versatile, luxurious gloves.

My previous gloves were a pair of online-ordered size 6 Madova black lambskin gloves, with cashmere lining.

I wore these Madova gloves for four years — I liked them, but knew the fit was too big for my fingers. The excess leather wrinkled so they did not age well.

Black also wasn’t the best color choice. But overall, they were warm and great value at €50.50.


Lavabre Cadet’s gloves are significantly more expensive.

A purchase should depend on your priorities for fit and customization.

I’m usually willing to save and pay more for fit (since most RTW doesn’t work for me), customization, and quality.

At Lavabre Cadet I went bespoke and chose dark brown peccary skin.

I wanted something understated, like my navy Maglia umbrella.

This post will cover first impressions of fit and finishing; I will post another update once the gloves are worn in.

Outdoors. The dark brown looks lighter or darker depending on the setting.
I chose snap buttons for practicality; the button is also covered in peccary


You can appreciate the seamstress’ small, neat hand-stitching.

The hand-stitches go all around the glove. The small, dot-like threads complement the small glove.

Machine-stitching is an option, but hand-stitching gives character.

The nerves are also hand-stitched; the proportions are fitting

Besides aesthetics, I will discuss fit.

I’m very pleased by the fit on the right glove.

My hand easily slides in, my fingers rest at the glove tips without feeling constricted. I’d describe it as a relaxing, snug fit. The width also feels comfortable.

My left hand — namely my thumb which slightly bothers me– still has space (about 2-3 mm), and my pinky less so.

I was told to wear the gloves more and see how leather conforms to my hands.

Besides that, my other digits fit quite nicely in the left glove.

Prior to cutting, the peccary was stretched, and the gloves should shrink upon wearing.



The wrist closure feels secure and elevates the glove.

I initially preferred a loop button; luckily Marie-Hélène and another friend convinced me that snap-buttons were more convenient.

Again — since these gloves recently arrived, I will wait to comment on long term durability, and fit.

But since it’s summer, these gloves will be resting in their box.




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