(Finished) Maglia Navy Umbrella

My Maglia umbrella arrived by mail!


In total, the umbrella cost €520. With my and Francesca’s prompt emailing, the remote order proceeded quite smoothly.

My umbrella took about four weeks to finish and arrived in protected packaging.

Listed were my requests for the umbrella. You can tell I had many, but Maglia met each specification.



– dark shiny maple wood
– single, solid stick umbrella with smooth transition b/w shaft and handle
– size: 32” long with 14mm diameter shaft


– 100% dark navy twill polyester (fabric reference: 450/60; color is #94)
– sized to cover only 1 person
– PPL embroidery on canopy (thread: dark navy tone-on-tone, small unnoticeable font)


– 20 mm diameter handle
– crook-style round handle (i.e. not knobby or tapered)
– no silver metal tag on the handle/shaft
– horn insert on crook and umbrella tip


– metal color: metal gun
– classic metal gun plate on the ferrule


– tie band: ring
– buttons: black MOP
– umbrella sleeve


See the wood’s depth of color and the integrated horn

I requested a smaller handle (20 mm) and shaft (14 mm) because my hands are small (6 1/2″). The maple handle grip feels comfortable. Maglia’s wood supplier correctly fashioned the length (32″).

The dark horn looks professional and impressively blends with the wood. You can slightly feel the edges upon touching.

The metal part of the ferrule seals the umbrella’s interior from penetrating rain


Blue MOP button Francesco found

The navy twill is unassuming and elegant.

The canopy with its crisp, neat folds, is the umbrella’s highlight.

I’d recommend this fabric for anyone starting out. The specific reference # is listed above.

There is slight residual resin and chalk markings on two canopy panels. The resin cannot be removed, but the chalk can with a wet cloth.

The umbrella embraces subtle details. Such as the gun metal hardware, the dark maple, and the blue mother-of-pearl buttons Francesco later found and purchased, which I find special.

The stitching is impressively fashioned — from the rosette, to the tightly sewn button-holes.

I’m eagerly awaiting to see how this umbrella stands in the rain.

I’ll also assess if the canopy size provides sufficient coverage.

Should the umbrella prove durable, I’ll consider ordering a small folding umbrella.

It will be many months before California sees any rain drops. But I will provide a rainy day update when the season comes.

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