What Is “Collaboration?”

When a tailor or brand “collaborates” with an influencer what does that mean?

Almost anything.

It could mean that the tailor and influencer design a product together to sell.

It could also mean the tailor gives a product (or money) to the influencer to promote their brand on Instagram — i.e. paid for content.

The influencer can sometimes feature a discount code. And provide direct links.

Discount codes can please consumers; but the influencer will likely earn a marginal profit from these purchases.

These subliminal promotions can be hard to detect.

It’s helpful to consider popular Youtubers, bloggers, and Instagrammers. Who do they promote? And why?

Instagram is the new magazine, so I don’t think it’s wrong for influencers to advertise — as long as they are transparent about the exchange.

I appreciate bloggers like Mikolaj Pawelczak — he runs Blue Loafers and aims to transparently detail his commissions (i.e. what he pays, or doesn’t). The link attached is his take on ads and blogger transparency.

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