Summer Shorts

Shorts. Another one of my favorite garment besides sweaters. When it’s not winter, I get to wear shorts year-round in sunny California.

All three I own are Bermuda-type shorts with an approximate inseam of 5-8”:

My Brooks Brothers white Cotton Dobby Shorts are my favorite.

Brooks Brothers Cotton Twill Dobby Shorts

Ironed, they look very neat. The white twill also contrasts nicely with other colors.

The shorts’ versatility means I can wear them with polos and sleeveless tops.

Unfortunately this pair has a few unsightly stains. I still wear them, though.

Brocade shorts by Ruche, a women’s online botique

The second pair — my gold brocade shorts — receives many compliments.

Flashes of gold are woven into the material.


The stand-out color makes the shorts quite feminine, but I like it. Muted-color tops are in order.


The last are a pair of nantucket red shorts from Murray’s Toggle Shop.

Of the three shorts, these Ivy-style bermudas are the most casual.

The red fades with each wash. These shorts are great for an afternoon walk.

Honorable mention includes a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren blue seersucker shorts that got a lot of wear.

I sadly got tar all over the seat and disposed them. I’m eyeing eBay for a new pair. Lesson learned!

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