Why I Don’t Wear Jewelry

“Nothing’s more interesting than that person, unadorned.”

I once heard this in a lecture about writing.

It is strongly applicable to fashion.

No jewelry, watches, tattoos, or accessories is its own aesthetic. A refreshing one, I think, where you’re not burdened by anything.

It’s disciplined styling.

There are innumerable ways to wear jewelry badly.

Too much jewelry is a common mistake. Colorful bracelets, heavy rings, and an art deco watch? Confused onlookers can only view so many bangles.

I know an expert dresser who beautifully dresses jewelry.

She’s the only one: the .1%. Her jewelry is icing on the cake.

I’m sorry I don’t have any advice for jewelry-wearers.

Because to me, anything beyond a plain wedding band (or maybe one watch) looks showy.

Aesthetically, I like some jewelry — like the JLC Reverso. I’ve considered splurging on that watch from time to time. But I’d hardly wear it and feel regret.

Why? I’d wear the Reverso to a nice event, but not every day. I’d likely die before the cost-per-wear plateaus.

I want my wardrobe items to be utilitarian and consistently worn.

Maybe i’m wrong. Maybe i’ll retract all this sacrilege in a decade. Who knows.

But for now a minimalist wardrobe is important to me – a watch just isn’t essential.

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