A Female’s Take On Men’s Shoes

Nice men’s shoes are immediately noticeable. They have real leather uppers. Little details like waxed laces and stacked soles also make a big difference.  Nice shoes invite compliments, I think, because we rarely see men wearing them. People who notice quality shoes glance down. I find that women especially give compliments and ask questions, occasionally … Continue reading A Female’s Take On Men’s Shoes

Why I Don’t Wear Jewelry

“Nothing’s more interesting than that person, unadorned.” I once heard this in a lecture about writing. It is strongly applicable to fashion. No jewelry, watches, tattoos, or accessories is its own aesthetic. A refreshing one, I think, where you’re not burdened by anything. It’s disciplined styling. There are innumerable ways to wear jewelry badly. Too … Continue reading Why I Don’t Wear Jewelry