4 Small Things I’ve Bought and Used

Here are four small things I’ve purchased and have regularly used over the years.

Parker FP1. $20 — In fine nib, the Parker Stainless Steel CT Fountain Pen is a sleek, minimalistic pen. It’s the only fountain pen I’ve owned and used since 2017. Refills are very low maintenance, with cartridges bought separately.



Vaya Container

2. $63 — I no longer need to microwave my lunch with the Vaya Preserve Stainless Steel Food Storage Container. I bought two containers in 2019, carrying them to work every day. The plastic Vaya BagMat doesn’t look nice, though. Food is kept warm/cold for five hours and i’ve never had a spill.


Kent comb3. $12 — I use this 5.5. inch Kent pocket comb every day for my short, straight hair. I take it for travel, too. Bought in 2018. Be gone, clunky brushes!



Manicure set

4. $140 — This Men’s Manicure Set Travel in Kit Brown and Blue Leather by Fort Belvedere is powerful and easy to handle. I mainly use the nail clippers and tweezers. They are also TSA approved per the Fort Belvedere website. Bought in 2019 and will relish its longevity.

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