The Problem With Instagram

This is one angle of an opinion piece.

Instagram can bring a lot of positive things.

Artisans can share and learn from each other. Followers can DM artisans.

I felt excited when I first joined Instagram. In this awakening I discovered quality and scores of new, remarkable craftsmen.

You’ll be familiar with the sartorial world after a few months.

But I got tired — tired of the products, the menswear bloggers, and how out of touch menswear luxury is from real life.

You can liken Instagram to young girls consuming glamor magazines.

Your self esteem dwindles. That will never stop because consuming never ends.

Product placements are similar.

A brand pays an influencer (or gives them a free clothes) to wear and promote their product. Sometimes they get a cut of the sales with discount codes.

The first six months of Instagram was a joyful learning experience.

I quit the app for some time and recently returned out of curiosity.

Surprise! No one reinvented the oxford. Or discovered a life-changing leather. I didn’t miss out.

I like to think about forums like reddit where money has not taken over.

Should we change Instagram’s current model to de-emphasize marketing? Or are we fine with the status-quo and what we’ve done with it?

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