Review: Airnum Urban Air Mask 2.0

Note: All Airinum masks are currently sold out but there's an online waiting list for July/August. I recommend following up with a customer service email because sometimes customers cancel their orders. Below, Medium developed a handy illustration based on the values in a 2007 peer-reviewed study on hand-made face masks (though with fewer participants than … Continue reading Review: Airnum Urban Air Mask 2.0

Fashion’s Planned Obsolescence

Style, especially fast-fashion is designed to become obsolete. Looks change every season. What's "in' is completely different from seasons prior. Companies increase consumer spending through planned obsolescence. Marketed goods become purposely broken or outdated in buyers' minds. Imagine many shades of blue. Why sell a classic navy shirt when dissatisfied customers can buy 2, 3, … Continue reading Fashion’s Planned Obsolescence