Review: Zero Halliburton 3.0 International Carry-On

I bought a Zero Halliburton Geo Aluminum 3.0 International Carry-On a few months back for a trip.

Sadly, Zero Halliburton recently stopped selling this model on their website; but readers considering similar luggage may still find this write-up helpful.

I initially debated between purchasing the Zero Halliburton and a Rimowa Original Cabin.

You’ll often see menswear guys sporting Rimowa suitcases.

Dimension comparison:

Rimowa Original Cabin: 21.7H x 15.8W x 9.1D

ZH Geo Aluminum 3.0 International Carry-On: 22H x 14W x 9D


Though the two dimensions differ slightly, I favor the visibly slimmer and taller Zero Halliburton.

But first, I visited Rimowa to see the quality.

It might have been the sample case I tested, but the Rimowa handle was quite flimsy. The suitcase also weighed too much (9.5 lbs) for its limited compartment. Wheels rolled smoothly but didn’t convince me of longevity.

So I bought the 3.0 Zero Halliburton International Carry-On.

I’ve been pleased by its quality and performance. As always with reviews, I will weigh the pros and cons.


My suitcase arrived properly packaged and protected.

Zero Halliburton’s black matte aluminum surface makes the suitcase easy to clean.

The smooth exterior and zipper-less design also prevents the suitcase from catching onto anything.

Quality is crucial with luggage. Travelers need luggage that can be easily transported and banged up.

During the trip, the wheels stood up against bumpy cobble streets. Even better, the dimensions enabled convenient traveling.

Zippers feel medium-heavy, which I like.

The interior lining is tone-on-tone — subtle. The plastic lining smell is quite strong, so you may have to air it out.

Stitching is neat, apart from a small area with stray and overlapping thread.

Black interior lining; overall stitching
3 locking levels

The handles — a crucial section — has three locking levels. It’s currently fine but I think a proper assessment requires more time and use.

This model also has a dual-button handle, which is very convenient if you change hands pushing luggage, which I do.

Dual-button handle on the sides

One issue exists with closing the left lock. I have to use two hands and apply more pressure to lock the suitcase.

But the right lock closes perfectly using one hand.

I’ve reached out to customer service early on. Without reply after several emails, I finally got word that a lock could be sent to me. I can take the lock and go to an authorized repair service without cost, which I prefer.

Suitcase interior/depth

The suitcase won’t close if you pack beyond the structured allowance.

But I like that — the case is appropriately sized for a 25-pound weight limit.

Design-wise, I appreciate carry-on’s simple, clean aesthetic. It has sturdy plastic handles that can be wiped clean. There are no leather handles, fussy pockets, or charging outlets. The tracking system is a plus.


I’m impressed with the case after its first trial.

The original price was $950, but I paid $665 at the time of sale. Even so — the left lock still bothers me and I wish customer service had responded sooner before covid-19.

Zero Halliburton recently removed the 3.0 Aluminum sale for $475, which is great value for the quality (but adjustments cannot be made).

If warranty is a concern, you should research newer models with a proper 5-year warranty. Their most updated international carry-on luggage is the Pursuit Aluminum International Carry-On Case.

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