My Take on Building a Wardrobe

With spring cleaning, people are realizing they have inordinate amounts of clothes.

Most people (men and women) build too large and inferior wardrobes. We quickly lose interest in expendable clothes. A $6.99 beanie (or even a $70 quality one you don’t wear) holds no meaningful ethics.

Menswear enthusiasts are especially prone to excessive spending. Imagine a bespoke sports jacket languishing in a closet for months.

These wardrobes are mostly spurred on by poor shopping habits.

I’m proposing breaking out of that habit and investing in few key quality pieces.

Your wardrobe doesn’t need much. 1-2 overcoats, 2-3 sports jackets, 5-10 dress shirts, six trousers, 4/5 shoes, and 10 socks. Making a list helps.

It’s a sharp take, you may say, and basically minimalism.

Save and buy the very best. Don’t compromise and buy a grey sweater if you really wanted navy. Once you go bespoke or find an item you really use, other items deemed inferior will be cast aside.

I welcome all healthy debate — so by all means agree or disagree with this philosophy.

But it’s also a matter of practicality. Spending less, i.e. saving can help you purchase that premium cloth you’ve had your eye on or that one $500 pen you plan to use years to come.

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