Clothes That Click

In one memorable Seinfeld episode Jerry buys a brown suede jacket.*

It looks perfect on him, style and fit.

The jacket cost over a thousand dollars — but Jerry relishes it, even wearing the jacket over his pajamas. He tells his friend George Costanza:

Jerry: This jacket has completely changed my life. When I leave the house in this, it’s with a whole different confidence. Like tonight, I might’ve been a little nervous. But, inside this jacket, I am composed, grounded, secure that I can meet any social challenge.

George: Can I say one thing to you? And I say this with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality.


GeorgeIt’s fabulous.

Like Jerry initially, a lot of men can feel indifferent towards clothes.

The reason is, I think, because many men haven’t found or worn clothes they’re proud of.

But once you discover a quality or look you like, it’s an instant click, like many other sweet things in life.


*Seinfeld Season 2, Episode 3 — “The Jacket”

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