Shipping During Covid-19

Brands, mills, artisans, and customers amidst Covid-19 have additional hurdles to cross. Trunk shows have been cancelled and stores/mills closed. Some ateliers have ceased production altogether.

Luckily, some artisans can work from home, with plenty of orders to tackle.

Some countries are on partial or full lockdown. For sartorialists, this temporarily includes China, the UK, France, Spain, and Italy.

Lockdowns, store closures, and suspensions have already disrupted shipments. Personally, I have a package awaiting until the store reopens and valuable sweaters I needed cleaned blocked from delivery. Mail service had no redress.

A lot of brands are still shipping internationally, perhaps with some delays.

What to do? Whether you are a sender or consumer during this time: be wary of possible delays, packages stuck in customs, rejected packages, and need for returns. All of which are frustrating for companies and customers. Early shippers can still face delivery restrictions after shipping. At that point money is just tied up.

Each shipping situation will be unique. For example, my completed W&S trousers haven’t been shipped yet, so I asked Suresh to hold them until their next trunk show, whenever that is.

Use your own judgement. Inquire brands about possible shipping impacts (or wait if you wish). I’d be curious to hear about readers’ recent delivery experiences, successful or not.

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