Review: Zero Halliburton 3.0 International Carry-On

I bought a Zero Halliburton Geo Aluminum 3.0 International Carry-On a few months back for a trip. Sadly, Zero Halliburton recently stopped selling this model on their website; but readers considering similar luggage may still find this write-up helpful. I initially debated between purchasing the Zero Halliburton and a Rimowa Original Cabin. You'll often see … Continue reading Review: Zero Halliburton 3.0 International Carry-On

My Take on Building a Wardrobe

With spring cleaning, people are realizing they have inordinate amounts of clothes. Most people (men and women) build too large and inferior wardrobes. We quickly lose interest in expendable clothes. A $6.99 beanie (or even a $70 quality one you don't wear) holds no meaningful ethics. Menswear enthusiasts are especially prone to excessive spending. Imagine … Continue reading My Take on Building a Wardrobe

Shipping During Covid-19

Brands, mills, artisans, and customers amidst Covid-19 have additional hurdles to cross. Trunk shows have been cancelled and stores/mills closed. Some ateliers have ceased production altogether. Luckily, some artisans can work from home, with plenty of orders to tackle. Some countries are on partial or full lockdown. For sartorialists, this temporarily includes China, the UK, … Continue reading Shipping During Covid-19

Opinion: How Transparency Behooves the Crafts

Or at least, supports it and makes it a more welcome friend to the public. I sometimes come across craftsmen reluctant to share techniques or accept students. Or salespeople wary of answering sartorial inquiries. Conversely, this can hurt businesses and their craft. Crafts survive on patronage. Without public appreciation and commissions, artisans cease to be. … Continue reading Opinion: How Transparency Behooves the Crafts