Another Parisian gem is Aubercy, founded by André and Renée Aubercy in 1935, focusing on high-quality shoes. I’ll leave the company’s history to their website.

Aubercy is one of my favorite shoe brands. Aubercy’s house style is distinctly French, as their shoes have an elongated vamp and tapered toe-box, but they are more classic and rounded than Corthay in shape and polish.

Front view of the Aubercy Lupin — my favorite model.

Aubercy’s shoe displays are wondrous to look at. Every model I saw was proportional, smartly polished, and elegant. Not too extreme, but a superb marriage of design and finishing. They have many creative models drawing on classic aesthetics.

Mid-brown wingtip with a double sole and whole-cut grained leather with a Norwegian stitched sole

Seeing shoes in-person can be a hit or miss. Sometimes shoes look nothing like their Instagram/website photographs. Online-informed buyers can arrive expecting a certain quality, only to discover a duller, less refined version (one more reason to handle the company’s shoes before purchasing). Aubercy met every expectation and I ogled their shoes (for far too long).

Xavier Aubercy is one of the most warmest men in the industry. He gave me free-range to browse Aubercy’s collection and explained their toe tap service by in-house cobbler Francois.

It’s something no other house is doing with stunning results, also complementing the atelier’s artistic passion.

Toe tap variations

Aubercy offers a RTW, MTO, and bespoke line. Yasuhiro Shiota is the singleton shoemaker, making only bespoke shoes from start to finish.

Yasuhiro (who previously worked at Corthay) measures at the consultation and makes the last. His workshop is downstairs from the showroom, where I asked him about bespoke shoemaking.

Yasuhiro Shiota shaving away the bottom of the sole

To Yasuhiro, it is important for shoemakers to “see the forest for the trees.” Details like stitch-density does not matter. In fact, these fixations can ruin a shoe. It’s an M.O. he’s followed: to focus on the shape and design of the whole shoe. Sound advice not just for shoemaking, but all the arts.

My visit to Aubercy was memorable. I’m glad that Aubercy reintroduced their bespoke line — a shoe lover’s blessing, along with other special services.

2 thoughts on “Aubercy

  1. Loved your article! I have traded emails with Xavier & was going to be flying to Paris (from San Diego, CA) for the Marathon but my trip was centered around going into Aubercy & purchasing a pair of their gorgeous shoes. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, my trip was cancelled. Hopefully, I will participate in the Marathon next April and visit their shop.


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