Socks…What Colors?

Socks aren’t very exciting compared to shoes or jackets. But I do like wearing knee-high socks and seeing the colors harmonizing with my trousers.

The first question perhaps is how many socks to own. In this exceptional case, more is better — as long as you don’t wear out your socks with constant use. At most, wear one pair once a week to look after them well. I had owned three socks before in constant rotation and ruined them with holes.

Wash in cold water but don’t machine dry. Just hang dry. Roll them up to fold.

And for colors? I always match socks to trousers, even if they are shades lighter. It is much more subtle than crazy socks.

My best tip is to buy boring, solid colors. The first five colors recommended are navy, dark grey, dark brown, light brown/beige, and dark green. Wearing them will bring more pleasure than you think!

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