Trouser Waists

Customizing your trouser waists is one way to vary your look.

Before considering your design, first consider how functional it is. Decide if you’re willing to work with that extra belt loop or buckle.

Trouser waists are more noticeable if you remove your jacket. In that case, a design that falls in the middle is your safest bet. Something with one button without belt loops would be my ideal look. At most a slightly extending clasp.

Something like this without the belt loop would look slightly different, yet simple and convenient.

What about extra-long clasps? You can try it out if you own many trousers already. It can be a distinctive look you’ll come to like.

However, keep in mind that these waists are designed to be fixed. If you gain weight or need these clasps to be adjusted, it is more difficult for the tailor to alter. I’m not sure if they can, since the waist is taut. You can try altering the clasp and adjusting the buttoning point, but this will change the design.

I have a pair of cotton trousers with a long extended clasp like the pair shown above. As much as I like the design, it can be a pain to button on your hip.

There’s an entire spectrum of waist designs to choose from. If in doubt, go simpler and if you like, experiment later.

Trousers and photos by Igarashi Trouser

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