Lotuff Bridle Duffle Travel Bag: Review

I bought this bag about a year and half ago, and have used it quite frequently for weekend travel.

The designs between Lotuff and Frank Clegg are similar but I thought the Bridle Duffle Travel Bag looked much more structured and handsome than the Harness Belting Leather bag by Clegg. Lotuff was also an inch shorter in height.

Sturdy, simplistic handles

I ordered the bridle duffle bag in chocolate, which runs at $2,000. The dark leather combined with the contrasting YYK brass zipper looks beautiful. The vegetable-tanned provides sturdy construction, and the bag still looks structured even when empty. The leather itself is thick (about 2 mm) and has clean stitching throughout.

I found the leather to be durable but gets scuffed quite easily if it receives impact from something such as a wall or door. You can carry the bag using the thick handles, or cross-shoulder, which has proved difficult for me on account of the weight.

I requested a round zipper pull

The zippers are fluid and functional. There’s an internal pocket which can be used for small items. Lotuff accommodated my request to change the leather detail on their zippers. I also requested feet at the bottom of the piece, but after speaking to the makers, Greg, the Lotuff representative said they would not — explaining that adding feet would compromise the leather. I’m quite happy they didn’t because the bag sits nicely as is.

Communication was quite straightforward. Greg from customer service helped me and was prompt. It is difficult to reach Lotuff over the phone, however. So email is best.

I wanted to use this bag for long distance travel. But carrying everything in this slightly larger bag is very heavy. Leather also tends to weigh more. I learned this when struggling with this bag on a trip from California to New York. In that case I should have used a roller luggage.

I also realize that a smaller bag would have suited my stature better. I’m short (5’3″), so carrying this bag looks disproportional to my height. But, i’ve enjoyed the larger dimensions (H11xW20xD10), since I carry a reasonable number of things. To give you an idea, this bag can fit one pair of night clothes, two pairs of trousers, a laptop, charger, and blowdryer. So a weekend bag.

In closing, this bag would be nice for someone taller looking for a short-distance weekend bag. Would I buy this bag again, now knowing the weight and size? Probably not. I would buy something smaller, maybe like the canvas bag from Foster & Son. But if you’re taller, stronger, and can maneuver the bags, they are good value and quality. I still use this bag often.


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