Three Light-weight Casual Jackets

Three is a good number. You’d wear these jackets on a casual outing, stroll around the park, or on the plane as a cover-up layer. The jackets I’ve curated are fairly lightweight, but also versatile and subtle.

  1. The olive-green technical jacket – rainproof and indestructible. This is my go-to throw on jacket when I need something feather-light and low maintenance. Could be vintage or a brand such as a Barbour or Purdey.
  2. Harrington jacket – the Baracuta G9 is classically predictable. It’s waterproof, yet stylishly warmer than the technical jacket. I prefer neutral as a color (as below). Neutral provides contrast to your dark olive jacket and the third jacket.
Baracuta G9 (photo by Baracuta)

3. Suede jacket – slightly shaped like the Harrington jacket, but attracts a different look with the suede leather. Chocolate-brown suede looks textured and rich, yet subtly relaxed.

Simon Crompton wearing a Seraphin jacket (photo from Permanent Style)

As a continuation, I also like corduroy, safari, and Lazyman jackets; many brands such as The Anthology (below) offer a wide range of casual jackets. These are more unusual, however, and I would stick to the basics first before plunging into other styles.

The Anthology’s Lazyman jacket (photo from The Anthology)

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