On Subtlety

Being well-dressed extends beyond fit and quality. It includes appropriateness and subtlety.

It means your outfit isn’t showy. It doesn’t shout for attention. You may have tiny dashes of color, but nothing very bright across large areas of your outfit.

This principle applies to men and women alike. Simplicity is key — that draws attention, rather than one single item.

What matters are clean lines and quality. Things to disavow: multiple colors, confusing accessories, and jewelry.

Bad shopping habits drive us away from subtlety. It may be purchasing that light blue linen suit or red Doc Martens instead of something more conservative. Or buying into obvious branding.

Photo by @gusvs9

@gusvs9 on Instagram dresses with impressive subtlety. His suits usually range from navy to dark grey with little more. Here, he completes his outfit with a simple tie and simple pocket square.

Everything falls on paring down your wardrobe to the very minimum. A difficult, but worthy task.

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