Jeans… When to Wear Them?

As I mentioned in a previous Levi’s post, I haven’t worn jeans in the last few years.

I actually fared quite well for the most part. It was nice not resorting to jeans as a go-to, lazy man pant. Also, lacking jeans forced me to dress smarter in other fabrics.

There have been a few times though, where jeans were sorely needed, and I ‘d kick myself for not owning a pair. Here are some occasions that would definitely call for jeans.

  1. A casual outdoor/beach event such as a bbq or outing. I remember looking so out of place wearing chinos at a beach bbq.
  2. Light rain. Even with an umbrella or hat, your tailored trousers may get stained or ruined. In the appropriate event, wear jeans. They’ll develop more character and endure the wears of inclement weather.
  3. Playing with kids. Like the rain example, you need a resilient fabric that can handle dirt, spills, and art projects gone wrong.
  4. Working outside. Any blue-collar project that involves welding, construction, etc. Again, because denim is rugged and protective.

It boils down to context and your activities at the moment. I’d really reserve denim for specific events rather than daily wear. It’s a nice feeling when you do, and feel like you’ve properly dressed for the occasion.

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