Building a Core Wardrobe

For me at least, buying anything requires months deliberation. Enormous thought goes into purchasing three to four pieces of clothing per year, which includes scarves, trousers, etc.

This is mostly because I want a core wardrobe. I’m also on a limited budget and spend wisely.

In order to develop a core wardrobe you must ignore fashion trends and shiny things, and just focus on the basics. It’s a matter of being selective.

But it’s often difficult to ascertain whether a garment would belong in your core wardrobe.

If you’re really not sure, seek an experienced consultant. It’s worth spending money on valuable advice rather than purchasing a wasted product. They help should guide you towards a more satisfying wardrobe journey. Simon Crompton of Permanent Style provides reliable guides and answers reader comments.

Many of us already filter our wardrobes by having “go-to,” safe outfits. These garments should indicate what’s versatile for you, your current level of dress (whether informal or formal), and future wardrobe needs.

Start from there and build up. For example, I have a pretty solid casual core wardrobe, comprised of knitwear and odd trousers. Now that i’m comfortable, I would like to dress more formally and move up to sports jackets.

It will be a slow transition — but this method will serve my needs as opposed to jumping into suits and extremely formal clothing.

Expensive clothes must pay for themselves through regular wear, hence why versatility is so crucial. But most importantly, you will actually wear your core wardrobe.

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