Starting Your Fall Sweater Collection

I really cherish my sweaters. I look forward to wearing them in the fall/ winter and they complement my odd trousers.

Sweaters (or jumpers) come in a variety of styles: crew, v-neck, cowl, mock-turtle, turtle, roll-neck, shawl-collar, etc.

For your first two sweaters, I’d recommend a crew neck or v-neck in basic colors like navy, burgundy, or grey.

After that experiment with tan, cream, and shades of green and brown in a turtle neck or quarter-zip style. You’ll notice your preferences and whether you prefer to wear your sweaters with ties.

I personally have five sweaters ranging in fibres. I enjoy wearing soft cashmere sweaters, but because they are so finely knitted, pill very easily. I often wonder how long my cashmere sweaters will last after being marred by my jackets and outerwear. Fine merino wool pills much less.

The warmest of my sweaters by far has been my vintage $15 Shelter Mountain shawl-collar wool sweater. It is very scratchy though, and all of my wool sweaters (apart from merino wool) require a shirt underneath to avoid irritated skin.

Great sweater options are Drake’s, Anderson & Sheppard, O’Connell’s and Purdey. I especially like Purdey and haven’t worn Drake’s and A&S (since they don’t offer a women’s line), but I can only hope.

Photo: Quarter-zip sweater by Purdey

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