You Don’t Need to Be a Zillionare

I have a friend. Let’s call him James. James has several nice jackets and pullovers and told me he wanted to purchase a light cardigan sweater. Since he had no troubles with budget, I emailed him a link to O’Connell’s, which carries a nice array of sweaters in the United States.

James, like many, was reluctant about the price: the cheapest sweater cost $195 and the 12-ply cashmere sweaters were $1200+.

Wool is just wool, he said. Plus moths always eat up his sweaters anyway.

I understand that sentiment. It’s hard to invest so much in a garment, especially when there are so many universally cheap garments.

But not all wool is the same. Different breeds of sheep yield various qualities of wool. And whether you prefer to wear a particular garment has much to do with fabric, weight, and texture. If you don’t wear it, it’s wasting away.

People usually reject quality items because they cost more. But you don’t need to be a millionaire.

Save up and buy less. Don’t buy ten cheap sweaters when you can buy one nice one. Upgrade your items slowly.

And if you’re really penny-pinching, they are easy work arounds with vintage clothes on Ebay. To be fair — if a $60,000+ luxury car is worth purchasing, personal wardrobes could definitely occupy a fraction of that budget.

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