Why Bespoke Shoes Are Worth It

When I tell people how much bespoke shoes cost ($3,000 and upwards) they usually balk in surprise. Many outright vow never to spend that much on a pair of shoes as they fail to see the value.

I will sincerely try and outline these values and leave readers to decide for themselves.

  1. Healthy feet. Bespoke caters to the imperfections of your feet and provides ultimate comfort. It improves posture. You can walk all day and not feel fatigue from wearing the shoes. Having a truly successful pair may take a few tweaks, and you should be in consultation with your last-maker (who should also be your shoemaker). With good results, you’ll never go back to MTO or MTM.
  2. Finishing/Aesthetics. A hand-made bespoke shoe is simply beautiful. It takes 70+ hours of labor. The shoemaker fastidiously carves your last and carefully nails your uppers. The curve of your heel is shaved with glass.
  3. Long-lasting shoes. If properly cared for, bespoke shoes can last for decades. You will have memories visiting the maker and remember occasions where you wore the shoes. The shoes create their own narrative through the decades.

It’s helpful to approach bespoke through appreciation (rather than materialism and consumption). It’s actually quite refreshing and fulfilling as a passion.

*Photo by Aubercy

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