Whitcomb and Shaftesbury: Classic Bespoke Trouser Consultation

This is my leap to Classic bespoke, offered by Whitcomb and Shaftesbury.

Whitcomb and Shaftesbury cuts its Classic Bespoke garments in London and then delivers them to India to be finished. This option is cheaper than bespoke entirely made in London. 

I mainly wanted the expertise and guidance of a tailor who would cut my trousers in-house. 

The trousers are £465, excluding 15% import duties and certain fabric choices.

I didn’t know what to expect, but came prepared with style choices and fabric options.

I also wore my MTM cream trousers to show Bob — the coat-cutter who also leads the India operation — the issue of my trousers, which have been pulling whenever I raise my knees.

He and Mahesh confirmed that these problems are fixed with bespoke, where the back is properly adjusted according to the front. You could still have slim-legged trousers and not have pulling.

Mahesh guided the conversation and took my measurements (though I worried if maybe Bob should’ve taken them); he also drew three styles of trousers with different leg options. The middle drawing illustrates the trouser I was wearing. The right was a straighter look and the left flared a little more. I opted for the straighter cut than my existing pair, just to see.

I would say one of the drawbacks was being unable to directly meet either Sian or John, the cutters. I knew this going in, but realized that I wanted to build a relationship with the tailors cutting my clothes — they could evaluate my figure and give their recommendations.

Hopefully Sian can come to the next trunk show (she and Bob alternate).

Another conundrum about traveling trunk shows are fabric options: John and Mahesh could only carry so many swatches, so I couldn’t really choose from any. Regarding this, Mahesh offered to send me some samples in the mail.

I look forward to what’s next. After I receive the swatches and decide on a fabric, we can arrange a first fitting.

W&S usually visits Los Angeles twice a year, and New York about five times. They travel all around to Washington DC, Vegas, and other major cities, too. See PS’s trunk show calendar.

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