Buying Quality on a Budget

If buying the quality clothes you want seems like a distant dream, I hope this post offers some consolation:

1. Save until you can spend — I always wait to purchase what I truly want. Don’t run into debt. If you can’t afford it, save until you can (even if it takes a few years). It’s worth setting aside a monthly budget for clothes.

This route to quality takes a lot of time and discipline. Your wardrobe will slowly improve over time and you will gain more satisfaction in the long run.

2. Wait — Saving requires waiting and some frustration. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You steadily ponder different fabrics, styles, and classic looks. And you quarrel between these choices until you decide on the best (and most versatile) wardrobe. Meet new people, learn things.

People with money tend to buy on impulse; and tailoring aficionados on Instagram often buy into frivolous trends, which I think is a waste of craft and money. With time you develop better values and judgement.

3. Be happy with the quality clothes you have — Really. We don’t cherish what we have enough (e.g. people, things) and tend to see the glass half empty. Take care of your existing wardrobe by brushing and polishing, and see how that may be enough for now.

I prefer the glass half full scenario. It’s great that we budget people have time on our side. With time, we can choose wisely and appreciate clothing in a slow, reflective way.

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