Where Do I Shop for Classic Women’s Shoes?

Due to fast fashion, women have limited options in terms of quality shoes. Years ago I had no idea where to look. There were numerous brand options for men, but few carried classic women’s shoes.

Here is a solid made-to-order list of brands, in order of quality:

Edward Green ($$$$)– Storefront based in London and I believe one of the best MTO brands for women. They carry classic lasts and seldom launch new models (at least for the women’s line).

Crockett & Jones ($$$)– If you can’t afford EG, then C&J is the next best option. The shoes are sturdy and they carry many staple models. They have stores in NYC and London.

SHOEPASSION ($$$)– Good-year welted and decently priced. The brand is changing by adding more fashion-forward models, but there are still a few classic shoes. Their store is in Germany, and I would definitely recommend visiting before purchasing online as sizes run large.

Carmina ($$$)– From Spain and carries more feminine lasts with pointier toes. They usually rotate in new models; I wouldn’t recommend flats in general.

Rancourt ($$$)– Rancourt is nice to consider for summer shoes (and is a cheaper option than EG loafers). Their past soles had better quality, but they are still more affordable than any other store on this list.

As always, I’d recommend visiting the store and ensuring that the shoe fits comfortably before purchasing.

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