Try Minimalism

Minimalism is more challenging than it looks. Buying and keeping things is just too tempting, especially when you rationalize why certain items must be bought/kept.

I stored a nice pair of red shorts for one year believing I’d eventually wear them to the beach. And I kept the fantasy alive, until I lately realized they only had two wears, and tossed them.

At the time they seemed a good investment, but I have found that some garments (unless I wore them once a week), were not going to be used. They wasted money and created clutter.

A simple, unfussy closet

Walking into most American homes is a disaster. Your eyes don’t know where to look, and there is stuff piled upon stuff, accumulated from years of living. I’ve seen and lived in it. Worse, it dampers your mood and mental experience. It would be interesting to see research that studied home upkeep in correlation to happiness.

For me, minimalism is uplifting. It liberates you from stuff, so you can travel and enjoy your life without burdens. It takes time and repetition, and you ultimately develop a positive habit.soapIf you would like to incorporate minimalism into your lifestyle, think before you buy. I like using a bar of soap as an example. If you pick up a garment or an item, consider: will I use this every day (or every week at least), as I would a bar of soap? Is it essential to my living? That would be a great start.




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