Underrated Shoes: The Butterfly Loafer

When we think of “loafers”, tassel loafers, string loafers, and penny loafers usually come to mind.

Someone trying on a pair of made-to-measure (MTM) string loafers

It is quite special when someone wears loafers, usually because loafers are harder to fit. Your heel must fit snugly, and the shoe must wrap around the bridge of your foot to ensure proper ergonomics. It is difficult for those with flat feet to wear loafers (or even women’s flats). Knowing I have flat feet, I would need to go bespoke, which would ensure firm arch support and prevent gaping.


I never thought about butterfly loafers until I spoke with Justin Fitzpatrick, who said that his favorite model in his collection were his butterfly loafers.

Hawthorne Butterfly Loafers in dark brown museum calf.

They are versatile with jeans and suits, depending on the color you choose. I recommend a darker shade if you intend to wear them with suits. This is also true for penny and tassel loafers.

A few months later I saw this beautiful butterfly loafer made by custom shoemaker Yuigo Hayano:

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 11.30.55 AM.png
Butterfly loafers made of black box-calf by Yuigo Hayano (instagram: @bespokeshoeworks)

This is something I would love to wear. Arguably, you could wear this to very formal events, such as black or white tie.

Black shoes pair well with dark suits, such as navy or grey. This toe has a beautiful high-shine, and the last looks elegant and seamless, yet comfortable.

Of course, this shoe wouldn’t be worn casually since it is black, so if you want casual butterfly loafers, go for something in mid-brown, tan, or burgundy.

In the future, I will definitely commission this shoe from Mr. Hayano!

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