My Shoe Journey (Part 3): Europe Trip – London & Paris

London was the first trip I’d ventured alone–the trip itself was a shock to my family and relatives, who have implacable fears about solo excusions. Mexico, Canada, and Taiwan were the only other countries I had been to, and I didn’t know what to expect in London.

I arrived at Gatwick airport, and after deciding that two days of sightseeing was quite enough, veered towards the shoe stores. I had planned which stores were in proximity to one another, and set off.

The next day, I visited: Barbour, Crockett & Jones, Swaine Adeney Brigg, Loake, Tricker’s, Barker Shoes, Baracuta, Edward Green, Purdey, Gaziano & Girling, and Foster’s & Son.

For those wondering: I did walk by John Lobb, but only their store front. Frankly, I was too chicken to go in.

Edward Green’s store, customer service, and shoes are spectacular, although their shoes are pricier than average. Their slip-on models fit me incredibly well.

I tried on various Edward & Green slip-ons and was very pleased. I was in awe of their women’s models; seeing them in person just fueled my passion for shoes.

My exploits were cut short in London because I had to leave for Paris the next day. By evening, the stores of Savile row had closed, so I had to miss out on the famed tailoring street.


Mes chaussettes rouges is a hidden gem of a sock company. Their interior exudes vibrance, with all the multi-colored stacks of socks. They have a women’s knee-high dress sock collection. Unfortunately, they do not carry two-toned socks, like the men’s selection.

Mes chaussettes rouge is a small store, and I think the experience was very enjoyable.

However, I found out that the company can produce two-toned socks socks for you, if you order at least 12 pairs of socks. This is a reasonable option to consider, as Mes chaussettes rouge is a reliable undergarment. I had purchased three pairs of socks the year before.

I spent about two-and-a-half hours perusing their socks and contemplating color schemes. The nice sales person offered me coffee and left me alone to ponder.

I wish I knew more about shoes at the time, otherwise I would have visited John Lobb Paris and Aubercy. In future, I hope to meet bespoke makers Yasuhiro Shiota, Dimitri Gomez, Stephane Jiminez, and Philippe Atienza.

The next and final post about this trip will cover Barcelona and Venice.


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