My Shoe Journey (Part 2): Summer Job Searching

If you haven’t read part 1, here it is

I applied to twenty-five school districts to teach. They were almost all in Northern California, because I wanted to see what it was like living there.

Before graduating the teaching program, I applied to Salinas Union High School District in May and received an offer. Between Salinas and Gilroy, I accepted Salinas–because the principal was ecstatic to have me, and I wanted to live like John Steinbeck. I made arrangements to house there, and communicated with the Assistant Principal.

I also decided that I must go on a Europe trip. If I endured this past school year, and was going to be miserable the next, I deserved a happy respite in between. I had all of these shoe and clothing destinations I wanted to visit.

I had no money, but was adamant about this trip. My family resisted, but thankfully, my aunts generously pooled $3,200 for me to go. Previously, I had purchased a pair of black cap-toe oxfords from Crockett & Jones, and was unable to return them in the States. London was a must destination. Luckily, my friend studied at the Royal College of Art in London, and was happy to house and tour Europe with me.

We drafted a rudimentary plan to go from London to Paris, Barcelona, Venice, Rome, and Athens. I’d travel to Paris alone. The Assistant Principal from Salinas knew of my plans, and said that I could sign my contract with the district after my trip.

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